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Indonesian duo Stars and Rabbit have announced their brand new album, On Different Days, and shared its lead single, Merry Alone. It will be released on Trapped Animal Records in the UK, in conjunction with Green Island Music and Big Romantic Records in Asia. 


'On Different Days', arriving 25 June, is an introspective look into the last twelve months, finding the rare sparkles of light that crept through the dark. As human contact and the possibility of unloading our problems to others disappeared, we all had to become our islands tending to our mental health. Lead singer Elda Suryani celebrated her newfound self-reliance and noted the acts of the community that have got us through. With 'On Different Days', they create a community resource all of their own.


Stars and Rabbit has been continuously sharing their journey over the last decade, originating from a cultural city in Central Java, Yogyakarta, off to write in Dutch towns, to the UK, Iceland and Japan's most exquisite stages.


Becoming aware of their own evolution, all they want is just to make music borderless. A field of limitless expressions called a playground, always bringing the purest of joy. It's going to be an exciting journey to follow the worlds they create. This album expresses their thoughts about creating space for oneself. As we stop and reconnect with our being, Stars and Rabbit take all that time to redefine everything.

Signed Stars and Rabbit - On Different Days 12" Vinyl

  • 12” black vinyl with obi strip (Japan Pressing), accompanied by bilingual lyric sheet, art print signed by the artist, & die cut sticker limited to 300 copies. Ships from Indonesia 


    Artist: Stars and Rabbit

    Title: On Different Days

    Label: Green Island Music, Big Romantic Records

    Catalogue Number: BRRCD 067

    Release Date: June 25, 2021




    SIDE A

    1. Merry Alone

    2. Moon Lone City

    3. Who Am I Now?

    4. Misty Garden


    SIDE B

    5. One Foot

    6. Library Of My Mind

    7. Pretty Anticipated

    8. Time Traveller

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