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Stars and Rabbit have announced their remastered 2020 album, Rainbow Aisle.

Stars and Rabbit - Rainbow Aisle 12" Stripped Vinyl

  • Remastered at Metropolis to lacquer and cut to 300 Purple Stripe 180GSM 12"s. Ships from Indonesia. 


    Artist: Stars and Rabbit

    Title: Rainbow Aisle

    Label: Green Island Music, Trapped Animal Records

    Catalogue Number: TAR070V

    Release Date: August 12, 2022




    SIDE A

    1. Little Mischievous

    2. Illusory Utopia

    3. Naked King

    4. Any Day in the Park

    5. The Magician

    6. St. Ann 


    SIDE B

    7. I Don’t Wish to Carry You Anymore

    8. Blue Boat Lovers (feat. Alvin Witarsa)

    9. Attic No. 7

    10. In the Meantime

    11. Story of Them All

    12. Untitled 4

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